Maving Waves In Digital Healthcare – Marham Raises Investment @ 1.5 M Valuation

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Marham is a digital healthcare startup that enables patients to book appointments, enquire and read about all things related to health. Pakistan lacks digital healthcare, and Marham hopes to turn this around and become a reliable platform for both the doctor and the patient.

Recently, they have managed to raise an investment at the valuation of 1.5 million dollars. The raised this investment after updating their website from an investment from Mohammad Khan in Peshawar.

The Marham CEO Ehsan Imam, speaking to TechJuice about their platform said,

Every 1 minute, 2 to 3 patients visit Marham. We have booked more than 4500 appointments in the last two months.” 

He also mentioned that they are working on dashboards to manage hospitals and appointments and they are working towards automating Akram Medical Complex and are in talks with 10 more hospitals and clinics for the same offerings.