SEED Pakistan & SABAQ Sign MoU

SEED Pakistan & SABAQ Sign MoU

SEED (Social Education Environmental Development) Pakistan is a non-profit organization, created to improve the lives of ordinary people by helping with the challenges the nation faces today. They have recently signed an agreement with SABAQ, an education technology initiative to introduce technology into the primary classrooms of one of Seed’s adopted government schools in Korangi Town.

The partnership aims to familiarize young students with the use of digital resources for learning purposes and improve learning outcomes.

Hasan Bin Rizwan, CEO and Founder SABAQ speaking on the occasion said, “SABAQ’s mission is to create an atmosphere of fun, engagement and constructive interaction in classrooms, and ultimately, improve students’ learning gains. Our work with SEED will bring us all a step closer to providing high quality education to Pakistan’s young learners.”

The MoU states that SABAQ will be providing SEED with digital content for grades Kindergarten to 5. The content is to include Maths, Urdu, English and Science subjects for every grade. In addition to the provision of content, SABAQ will also equip teachers with the capability of introducing and managing technology through in-depth teacher training and on-the-job support. Furthermore, SABAQ is also to measure the impact of its content in classrooms by conducting assessments. 

Ahsan Mashkoor, President SEED Pakistan said, “We believe this partnership will assist us in integrating technology in our classrooms and providing opportunities for our students to learn through progressive techniques.”


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