UberEats Al Set To Launch in Pakistan

UberEats Al Set To Launch in Pakistan

According to various sources Uber Eats is all set to launch in Pakistan by mid-February 2019.
The UberEats app is similar to Foodpanda and is already present in more than one hundred cities across the world.

The food app is separate from the Uber app and the rates for Uber Eats are said to be similar to other food delivery apps in Pakistan. However, the Uber Eats has a similar surge pricing model to the main app i.e. if an area has a lot of orders and there’s a shortage of riders, the price for the delivery will be higher.

Furthermore, Uber Eats in Pakistan is considering giving electric bikes to riders to keep costs down. However, the jury is still out for that decision. UberEats will be one of the few apps that will have national coverage from the get-go.