Traffic Warden Becomes A Social Media Hit

Traffic Warden Becomes A Social Media Hit

Rasheed Khan started out as a regular Facebook user posting regular updates on work activities. Little did he know that his posts would resonate with 83,000 fans.

Soon he became one of the most recognized faces in the streets of Peshawar. It turns out according to the local news, Khan was oblivious to his popularity.

Speaking about his fame and posts, Rasheed Khan said, “I don’t do all this to get followers, fame or appreciation from anyone. I started doing it with no such thing in my mind, but have always and will continue to spread awareness among the masses and show them a better side of our country’s traffic police; who are otherwise notoriously known as being corrupt.”

The posts by Khan are aimed at spreading awareness among the 

public regarding traffic rules, as well as portraying a positive image of the traffic police. 

Using an unconventional approach, Khan usually records his encounters with the citizens of Peshawar through a hidden body camera which is officially provided to him, and posts the videos on his Facebook profile. 

His posts include VIPs breaking traffic rules and not accepting bribes along with photos and videos of the wardens interacting with the locals. 

Furthermore, along with working as a traffic warden, Khan also runs his charity organization Umeed Falahi Tanzeem Pakistan that helps the poor, widows, disabled with financial support. 

According to him, the organization helps 433 deserving households and individuals in various districts of KP like Peshawar, Nowshera, Mansehra, Swabi, Mardan etc.


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