JS Bank Signs FetchSky: Integrating Peekaboo Connect with JS Bank’s Digital Assets

JS Bank Signs FetchSky: Integrating Peekaboo Connect with JS Bank’s Digital Assets

20th March – Karachi: 
JS Bank, well on their way to digital transformation and open banking, has signed an agreement with FetchSky, integrating Peekaboo Connect into its digital assets.

The digital assets for JS Bank include their website, social media platforms as well as their mobile app. Peekaboo Connect, a product of FetchSky is a highly interactive and customizable digital services suite, that shall facilitate JS Bank with its products, services and discount offers, as well as its location network with rich and standardized data and technology.

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Utilizing Peekaboo Connect, the Bank has facilitated customer access to loyalty offerings and streamlined offer management. By using technology features such as geo-fencing, JS Bank can customize its customer offerings based on purchaser preferences as well as locations.

Speaking at the occasion, Imran Soomro, CIO JS Bank, said,

“This partnership with FetchSky aims to introduce innovative technologies
and modules to enhance our customer experience.”

Mehdi Haryani CEO FetchSky said,

“Peekaboo Connect acts as a bridge between the Bank
and third party online retailers to enhance their experience on the Bank’s digital platforms.”

In addition, patrons can filter offerings based on their personal likes and dislikes using multiple navigation options. It also provides information used for completion of the purchase process such as locations of Branches, contact options, timings etc. Customers can also review and share feedback on their experience.

Image source: PR