Future Forecasting

Future Forecasting


Almost every field has been altered by technological growth. The vehicle monitoring sector, which has now developed into a wide range of fleet management services, has been significantly influenced by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Car monitoring dates back to a time when car theft was common in Pakistan, and car tracking services brought some respite to car owners. Agriculture monitoring, fleet management, live video tracking, optimising logistics, cold chain tracking, sales field-force management, and even generator tracking are now available through the tracking industry.

Falcon I, TPL Trakker, Vtrack, Megtech, and Tracking World are just a few of the companies that provide tracking services in Pakistan. When it comes to services, the majority of organisations focus on vehicle tracking, with Falcon-i and TPL being the only two companies that offer advanced services.

In lock step with the world

Ebrahim Tiwana, Head of Innovation and Technology Falcon-I, feels that Pakistan’s basic tracking technology is up to international standards. “Pakistan has some of the world’s top tech talent, but it has to focus more on solving problems for end consumers. Falcon-I, as a fleet management company, is doing exactly that,” he explained.


“Falcon-i is a firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to take tracking to the next level. Companies that track people are transitioning from location suppliers to solution providers. “Robotics, AI, and computer vision are being used to solve new problems,” Tiwana stated.

Tiwana explained that as an IoT startup, Falcon-i offers a variety of products that businesses can use to solve real-world issues. “From passenger vehicles to huge freight vehicles, we provide a wide range of tracking alternatives. Our extensive assortment includes GPS trackers for cars and trucks, as well as a tracker for agricultural vehicles that allows you to monitor movements over specific sections of land.”

“With our fleet management solutions, we assist our customers take better care of and maintain their fleets. Our Fleet Care solutions enable customers to optimise maintenance cycles based on engine hours, kilometres travelled, or months/weeks elapsed, as needed. We also provide field force management solutions, which enable our customers to follow their employees’ movements and communicate with them while they are on the move,” he added.

Falcon-i is one of the few monitoring firms that keeps all critical activities, such as customer service, technicians, and a specialised technical team, in-house. This has enabled the company to offer fully customizable solutions to its corporate customers, allowing them to mix and match goods and services to meet their specific requirements.
The tracking facility for their customers has been completely transformed thanks to digitization. When looking at the mobile applications that come with the purchase of a monitoring facility, it’s worth noting that they allow clients to keep track of their vehicles’ movements at any time.

It also allows them to view several reports that include information such as the car temperature, driving behaviour, speed, distance, health, and the number of days travelled. Gone are the days when you had to call a call centre worker to locate a vehicle; instead, the user has complete control over their app, from finding the vehicle to turning it off.


Apart from that, everyone is anxious about keeping track of their loved ones when they are on the road. From tiny children strapped in their car seats to young adults driving the automobile, the ‘Video Live’ feature keeps track of everyone and remotely checks their whereabouts and driving ability.

Seeds of AI growth

When it comes to agriculture, which is one of the country’s largest contributors to GDP, antiquated techniques have hindered the sector from reaching its full potential. At a time when countries around the world are implementing cutting-edge technologies to boost agricultural output, Pakistan’s agriculture is still depending on outdated equipment.


This is where tracking businesses are now offering their services to provide field owners with remote access. “Agri-Monitor was created to provide you comprehensive control over your property. It provides information on assets such as crops, machinery, and field personnel without requiring physical presence,” explains Tiwana.

The cloud-based platform, which was created to monitor the land, provides information on how to optimise all agricultural resources such as seeds, fertilisers, and pesticides, as well as allowing the user to see how much of the area has been covered or omitted, as well as if any area has been covered more than once.


“It also helps the user to increase operational efficiency by allowing them to establish speed limitations on equipment and machinery, as well as parameters for how much area each covers, ensuring that the crops are treated with the utmost care. It allows users to receive real-time data and be in control even from afar,” he said, adding that the reports generated put data insights at their fingertips, helping them to make better decisions.

According to Hussain Tawawala, Head of Agriculture and Director of Operations at Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (MFTC), agro monitor technology has helped the company maintain track of its fields, machinery health, enhance production, and save time and money.


“From seed to plate, our company is involved in agriculture. Our Agri division is trying to promote mechanisation in the agricultural industry. We aim to assist farmers in using a mechanised method, such as tractors and laser levellers.”

“We also use transplanters, where we sow the nursery and then use the transplanter to transport the nursery that is being produced over the fields, which might be 100 acres or more. Roomba is the name for this technique. Then we employ motorised and combination harvesters to harvest a range of grain crops efficiently,” he explained.
All of the machinery that is utilised to boost the production and pace of agriculture, according to Hussain, has sensors attached to maintain track of the machinery. “Managing the upkeep and availability of the machinery is difficult because we work all over Sindh. As a result, we’ve placed Agri Monitor in all of our fields and equipment,” he explained.

“This aids us in keeping track on the condition of our equipment. Previously, we had to wait until a problem with our machinery occurred, which had a negative impact on our performance because it occurred suddenly. But now that we have Falcon-Agri i’s Monitor, we are informed ahead of time, and we can use those numbers to compute machine life and schedule maintenance for all of our machines,” he said, adding that the sensor also allows them to know when the harvester or transplanter blade has gone down and up, which helps them keep track of the working hours.

He went on to say that knowing the exact location of the machines allows them to quickly shift to the next place and handle the task. “We were able to improve our agricultural techniques, growth, and productivity as a result of this. The system’s response time is really fast. Tawawala stated, “This is unquestionably the future of agriculture.”


Another area where tracking has improved car maintenance is fleet care. We’ve seen a lot of fleets that are stuck on the road because of inadequate maintenance. That happens when you are not aware of the condition of the car. The fleet owner may maintain control over all of their cars with Fleet Care and Fleet Control.

“Fleet Control allows the owner to communicate with each and every vehicle in the fleet at any time. It puts the owner in control even when the car is thousands of miles away. It is possible to trace their location and determine whether they are safe. It assists in keeping track of the vehicle’s health. The vehicle owner will not have to wait for a mechanic to diagnose the issue because the app will provide personalised data for each vehicle,” Tiwana explained.

Better management, increased productivity

They’re not just tracking automobiles anymore; they’re also tracking people. The staff surveillance system has been upgraded thanks to the Campus Tag service. This allows for automatic attendance when an employee enters or exits the building, eliminating the need for them to manually check in. It also maintains a function watch() { [native code] } on the building and can prevent any unauthorised individual from entering any of the building’s rooms. All of this is managed by the application.


Logistic Optimiser, which provides enhanced delivery and dispatch solutions for leaner operations, wiser decisions, and better customer experience, is one of the other services included in the tracking company.

Companies benefit the most from this new monitoring technology; with a service like Field Tag, your team’s exact location can be tracked at all times, no matter where they go for work. But the advantages don’t stop there. Another groundbreaking service that is now available is Cold Chain. For example, in the case of Covid-19 immunisation imports, where vaccines must be maintained in a regulated and cold environment, Cold Chain allows for remote access to product temperatures, allowing items to transit with ease while temperatures are monitored – whether in the warehouse or on the road. Who knows what the future holds with these benefits in hand?


source: Tribune