CPEC Helps Pakistan Climb Up The WEF Ranking

CPEC Helps Pakistan Climb Up The WEF Ranking

CPEC Helps Pakistan Climb Up on The WEF Ranking

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has been the talk of the town and the region across mainly due to the socio-economic benefits and prospects it brings to Pakistan. From what we’ve seen already, CPEC has helped Pakistan climb up the ladder on the World Economic Forum Report. Pakistan is now ranked 115th out of the 137 countries in the world, previously ranked 122nd in the world.

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Here’s a look at the ranking for Pakistan over a select few years:


Year Ranking
2014 133
2016 126
2017 122
2018 115


According to the report, one major upgrade is in the infrastructure pillar of the report, where the country is now ranked 110th. This has dropped by 5 tiers for Pakistan in just one year.

Country Overall Ranking Infrastructure Ranking
Pakistan 115 110
China 27 46

On the downside for China, their rank for the infrastructure pillar moved downward instead. This has been the second year in a row that China has seen a decline. Mainly caused by the quality of port infrastructure and the reliability of electricity supply.

This is definitely an alarming indicator with the China Pakistan partnership going in full swing. Questions on CPEC challenges and Pakistan’s debt crisis have raised, leaving many people doubtful of the alliance and its implications. And it is infact these doubts and uncertainties that investors still lack the enthusiasm or confidence in proceeding with business opportunities.


Source: Forbes