China Digital Connectivity in OBOR Gives Enormous Implications for E-commerce

China currently focus on land and sea corridors on One Belt One Road (OBOR) has overlooked digital connectivity. Land corridors requires political understandings and territorial among countries however digital connectivity can progress without any hurdles. China Digital Connectivity in OBOR Gives Enormous Implications for E-commerce.

China is also utilizing digital infrastructure in different parts of OBOR space. OBOR has problem in accessing data and information die to lack of proximity to underground optic fiber cables. Such capacities further have to suffer due to outdated telecom infrastructure. Such outdated infrastructure are reasons of limited access to high range cellular phone service and internet.

Such deficiencies results to limited access to high range cellular phone services and internet. For Example in Pakistan internet users are less than total one-fifth of population. This aspect clearly shows that wise full investment should be done in digital connection capacities.

Chinese telecom service providers have invested in several OBOR countries such as Pakistan. In Pakistan, Zong (China Mobile Pakistan) has invested immensely. It will have extensive benefit after the completion of the China-Pakistan optical fiber cable project.

China focuses on making e-commerce prosper by incorporating OBOR as a digital connected geography. China is the top OBOR country that has e-commerce service providers such as Alibaba and Tencent from China is also a good e-commerce platform.

Digital deficiencies have lead many parts of OBOR to remain out of reach of global e-commerce boom. That day is not far when Chinese e-commerce platforms will surpass American counterparts, Amazon, Walmart and EBay.