PTCL Collaborates With Icflix To Provide High-Quality Content For Smart TV

PTCL is undoubtedly one of the major entities in the Television service in Pakistan. With their launch of PTCL Smart TV in 2008, they became a powerhouse in the Internet Protocol TV Service as they were the first to launch a Digitally Interactive Television service in Pakistan. As a widely recognized service covering over 150 cities in Pakistan, it currently has 150 channels which includes all the popular genres that the citizens of the country prefer to view. In an effort to improve their service, they have joined hands with Icflix which will work towards improving the quality of their content.

Icflix is a Middle Eastern and North African streaming and video on demand platform that has a large following in the Middle East. They have been known to provide facilities such as countless movies, TV shows, cartoons and documentaries from all major forms of productions such as Hollywood and Bollywood etc. Icflix have collaborated with PTCL to boost high-quality entertainment to PTCL Smart TV. Although this is not the first partnership which was taken by both PTCL and Icflix, which took place in 2014, this partnership will enable better quality of their Smart TV and hence Smart TV provides a better viewing experience.

Smart TV offers television programs to household via a broadband connection, yet it produces programs in DVD quality. An internet protocol television (IPTV) which offers countless channels and other entertainment platforms, it can be accessed via a subscription in which a set-top box is set up in an household. This allows the Smart TV to be bolstered with additional features such as pausing, locking, rewinding and even recording content that is being broadcasted by a specific channel.

Entertainment services have now been gradually being leaning into Pakistani markets for quite some time now. This has been displayed with the success of PTCL’s Smart TV which was nominated for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2016 in the ‘Best Mobile App (Media, Film, TV or Video)’ category. And then further strengthened with their agreement with Netflix as well. Hence, this agreement with icflix seems to be a step in the right direction.