PlanX Partners with SMEDA

PlanX Partners with SMEDA

PlanX, Punjab IT Board’s technology accelerator, entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), to collaborate and extend/exchange resources and expertise for the promotion and development of startups and entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Under this new partnership, PlanX and SMEDA will now regularly exchange information about initiatives, programs and activities along with their respective repositories of information on entrepreneurship development. Both parties will jointly work together to find ways and means to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurship environment in Pakistan. They will develop programs to support business incubation and commercialization of business ideas.

This collaboration will also help with the promotion, awareness and dissemination of business/ entrepreneurship knowledge amongst the youth and SMEs. They will initiate common business support programs and projects to facilitate both parties and provide technical expertise, assistance and support in designing systems and programs for promotion of the Entrepreneurial culture among the young entrepreneurs and startups. Both parties will further facilitate guidance and counseling to the selected entrepreneurs for their business plan development.

On this occasion Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of PITB, MITEFP and Vice Chancellor of ITU mentioned that, “This partnership would be beneficial for the startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the sharing of technical expertise and resources.”

At the MOU signing Mr. Hassanien  Javed told us that

“SMEDA can benefit from the expertise that are available for grooming and nurturing startup companies by PlanX. The background, experience and networking of SMEDA can help PlanX in expanding their horizons and in reaching out to the maximum number of startups and SME’s. Thus creating an environment in Pakistan where startups are contributing towards the development of our economy.”

As part of this partnership, PlanX will participate in a SME Conference in March which will bring together International SME development organizations of Turkey, Iran, Korea and other countries to share their SME development experiences. PlanX will deliver a presentation focusing on ‘Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development’.

Image source: PlanX