Nokia Enters Strategic Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Nokia Enters Strategic Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Nokia announces strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to enable easier transition to the cloud.

In a strategic collaboration, Nokia and Amazon Web Service are enabling easier transition to the cloud with Amazon Web Services. AWS will accelerate migration of service provider applications to the cloud while driving digital innovation for large enterprise customers. The scope of this collaboration includes the following:

  • Nokia will support service providers in their migration to AWS with a complete suite of services
  • AWS and Nokia to collaborate on 5G use cases for service providers
  • Nokia to bring disruptive IoT applications for large enterprise customers using AWS services
  • The parties will bring Nuage Networks SD-WAN services to AWS enterprise customers

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On their journey to achieve the performance and flexibility brought by cloud technologies, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises need solutions to address the connectivity needs of cloud-based applications such as optimizing latency, virtualized network and routing services, and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Nokia and AWS are working together to bring a unique and powerful set of solutions. This will enable service providers to implement cloud strategies faster leveraging Nokia’s expertise in wireless, wireline and 5G technologies.

Kathrin Buvac, Nokia’s Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“The 4th Industrial Revolution requires a tighter integration between the IT and networking infrastructure worlds. Our collaboration with AWS will accelerate the migration of service provider applications to the cloud and enable us to forge new opportunities together by delivering on next-generation connectivity and cloud services. This is a wide-ranging collaboration, spanning our services capabilities in application migration, SD-WAN from Nuage Networks, 5G, and IoT, allowing new growth opportunities for our top customers across both the service provider and large enterprise market segments.”

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Terry Wise, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc., said:

“Service providers are accelerating their migration to AWS in order to drive innovation for their customers and deliver lower total cost of IT to their organizations. We are excited to partner with Nokia to accelerate cloud transformation for service providers. This collaboration will enable the digital transformation journey for our mutual large enterprise customers.”

Large enterprises require fully managed connectivity to access cloud infrastructure, and fully integrated IoT and analytics solutions to enhance their productivity and ease of digitalization. The companies will work to deliver differentiated solutions using Nokia SD-WAN and its IMPACT IoT platform in combination with AWS Greengrass, machine learning and artificial intelligence services.

Source: Nokia Press Release