Nadeem Hussain On Banking & Technology @ Centrem Dialogue in Khi

Nadeem Hussain On Banking & Technology @ Centrem Dialogue in Khi

The Centerm Dialogue on Digital Banking took place in Karachi on Wednesday, speaking at the event was Mr. Nadeem Hussain Chairman and Founder Plant N  Group and Tameer Microfinance Bank. 

Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Technology is reshaping the banking industry worldwide and Pakistan needs to quickly adapt to latest trends and shift its focus to solve the customer’s pain points.” According to him, the local commercial banking industry is still in the stone age and does not understand the persona of their customer base.

Criticizing the industry, he said, the local banks are sitting on a gold mine, I.e., the customer data but haven’t made much use of it. He added, “With a one-size-fits-all policy, they have lagged far behind in developing financial products to cater to different market segments and needs. If the banking industry doesn’t innovate and understand customer segmentation, young fintech companies — with better analytics — will eventually eat up the traditional markets, the veteran banker cautioned.”

Furthermore, Mr. Hussain said that the banks do not see any incentive in innovating as majority of their bottom-line comes from risk-free treasury bills. But their backwardness also presents an opportunity as there is a huge market that still needs to be tapped. 


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