ISPR Warns of Fake Messages on Social Media & WhatsApp Groups

ISPR Warns of Fake Messages on Social Media & WhatsApp Groups

As internet connectivity has increased in Pakistan, fake pages and groups have begun misleading the public and sometimes even putting them in harm’s way. These incidents were noticed by the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) which has now warned of fake messages relating to the media wing of Pakistan Army.

It has come to light that some secret groups are spreading false information under the name of ISPR and are spreading these messages on social media and messaging apps.

The ISPR warned that messages carrying fake threat warnings or emergency contact numbers quoting the media wing of the Pakistan Army being spread have no link with ISPR.

It said that ISPR issues messages only through its own website, Twitter or Facebook. Any messages received through WhatsApp are fake and baseless and ISPR has no WhatsApp group or any other channel of releasing information other than its website, Facebook and Twitter.

The ISPR urged the public and the media to confirm the message related to the armed forces on ISPR website prior to spreading (publishing or broadcasting) them.

More information is available at ISPRs official channels – Twitter @OfficialDGISPR or @ISPR_Official and Facebook at ISPROfficial1.