I Am The Change: Engro Corp Pays Tribute to Social Agents of Change

I Am The Change: Engro Corp Pays Tribute to Social Agents of Change


I Am The Change (IATC) is an initiative of the Engro Foundation that pays tribute to the local change agents who have worked tirelessly to improve the living standards for Pakistan’s poorest of the poor. It aims to collaborate with the corporate and the philanthropic sectors of the country and help individuals and institutions that are pioneering initiatives to improve lives across different spheres.

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With the aim to bring to light two categories i.e. social development by not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises that work under a sustainable business model; They not only recognize that change is the need of the hour but also the fact that there are people in Pakistan who have dedicated their lives to the spirit of social development and economic stewardship. These individuals have tried to address numerous problems that have affected Pakistan- poverty, hunger, health, sanitation, education, gender equality, economic growth, reduced inequality, peace, justice and many more.

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This initiative was initially launched in 2012, and now the applications for 2017 awards are open until the 12th of September. There are two categories for the IATC Awards; IATC Impact Award for Social Development NPO: This award is applicable for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s) and Non- Government Organizations (NGO’s) who can pitch their high-impact work that meets the award criteria and the IATC Impact Award in Social Enterprise.

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