Growth of Pakistan’s Digital Economy Amidst COVID-19

Growth of Pakistan’s Digital Economy Amidst COVID-19

With the ongoing pandemic, one of the major industries in the limelight now is the e-commerce sector as it can facilitate work from home. Recently, it has been observed that the digital sector of Pakistan has gained momentum amidst Covid-19.


Pakistan’s digital economy recently gained momentum amidst COVID-19, there has been a recent surge in the transition of clothing platforms that have moved to digital shops. Online shopping has been on the peak ever since lockdown. This has been facilitated by online banking as well as banks have removed charges on fund transfers through online banking channels. Moreover, banks have also started awareness campaigns in an effort to reduce the use of currency notes, visiting banks and promote online platforms.


E-commerce, have unfortunately not been performing as well as the volume of e-commerce was totaled at Rs100 billion recently. We have seen industries around the world such as e-commerce and finance that have gone completely digital. The Fashion industry is one that has been slowly transitioning to a digital platform as top designers are preparing for a digital fashion show called ‘Catwalk Cares’. In this show, around 16 to 20 designers will showcase about two to three outfits each.


Various artists have showcased their portfolio online as an online solo exhibition known as ‘Cultural Note’, will showcase 20 acrylic paintings by Ahmad Habib. These paintings will highlight old Rawalpindi’s architecture that were made by the artist amidst lockdown. The transition towards a digital revolution has also been seen in sectors such as the healthcare system, education, business and governance as well which are dependent on using data-driven techniques to make key decisions. Moreover, various entertainment platforms had previously already made the transition to a digital platform but not have made more effort in this attempt. This includes various TV game shows, cooking shows, religious programs, online concerts, crowdfunding etc.