Pakistani Tech Company baseH Launches Robot Journalist Dante

Pakistani Tech Company baseH Launches Robot Journalist Dante


In the last one year, the conversation on future of jobs or future of the workplace largely includes robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are examples of locally developed robots as waiters in Multan, or Pakistan’s first Robo-ceptionist at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore as well as several in-house laboratories. Pakistani company baseH is one of the five firms working on an artificial intelligent software and program that allows machine to generate content. Earlier this month, baseH announced the launch of AI Writer Dante at their Karachi headquarters.

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Dante had already been writing closing reports of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, but this week onwards, it will be utilized to generate small news reports after accessing and storing data from local and international media outlets.

Image source: Dante

In the long run, baseH is expecting that AI will act as a supplement aiding newspapers, channels, and blogs by better utilizing editors and reporters’ time. Their website states that their current focus is media houses who will have the ability to produce endless content with no changes on their staff or time management at all.

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Further elaborating, it said:

“The Dante A.I. writer has the capability to pick up the style of writing where it is being deployed as well as quickly adapt to new writing styles and set of editorial policies or preferences.”

This Pakistani company comprises of young techies, and also included NED University’s software engineers on board for this project.

From the stories generated by artificial intelligence, select few were sent to senior Pakistani journalists. In conversation with, one of the journalists said it was remarkable that one could not tell the difference between a story written by a human or one by generated by a machine.


Source: Geo News