Tech Leaders @ 2018: Travel in time of the digital revolution, Tripkar!

Tech Leaders @ 2018: Travel in time of the digital revolution, Tripkar!

Travel in the time of the Digital Revolution

Scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram, you keep seeing your friends post pictures of pristine landscapes, making you wonder if they are collectively vacationing in Switzerland? Turns out they are in the north of Pakistan. To book your own hassle-free vacation domestically, you need – a website that is a one stop shop, providing hotel and air/ground travel bookings. Their aim is to provide the best travel experience within Pakistan.

We asked the Tripkar what was their biggest take away from 2017? Here is what they had to say:

Tripkar: The core takeaway from 2017 was to initiate an internal growth strategy; aiming to collaborate with various third parties to provide a better portfolio of services and platform to our travelers.

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Speaking in detail about 2018, and what to expect from it, the team shares,

“Some of the challenges that will influence our business strategy include the ability to revolutionize our product. We need to build and strengthen our approach technology, so we may be able to improve our user experience. Secondly, as our edge has always come from ‘digitizing’, hence we need to create awareness and reach more travelers through this medium. An opportunity for growth is to become the definitive solution to Pakistan’s travel market. Also create more awareness, and educate people in order to spread a positive and better image of our country, both locally and internationally.

The British Backpackers Society has ranked Pakistan as the top adventure travel destination of 2018, and tourists in Pakistan have tripled since 2013. Therefore, we need to capitalize on this trend, believes the enthusiastic Tripkar team.

We look forward to platforms that can represent as a digitized travel platform aimed at revolutionizing the travel industry of Pakistan.