Google Doodle: Honouring Pakistan’s Independence Day

Google Doodle: Honouring Pakistan’s Independence Day

The 73rd Independence Day has been regarded as one of the most highly celebrated occasions in the country’s history. With celebrations filled with passion and enthusiasm, the citizens of the country have used various platforms to express their celebration. What turned out to be a special day for the country, the citizens of Pakistan were greeted with what seems to be annual tradition as Google has also joined in the celebration with a doodle featuring the landmark Khyber Pass.

In an official statement following the release of the doodle, Google stated,

“On this day in 1947, Pakistan attained sovereignty after decades of rule by the British Raj. In Urdu, this national holiday is known as Yom-e-Istiqlal. The whole nation begins celebrating at the stroke of midnight, with the main festivities taking place in the capital city of Islamabad. National leaders attend a flag-raising ceremony followed by cultural events and parades with proud Pakistani citizens dressed in green and white, the national colors.”

Google showcased the doodle on their homepage at around 12am on Wednesday. This year’s doodle was made in honor of the historic Khyber Pass of Peshawar and is green in color.

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They have paid homage to the doodle by giving a background on the historical significance of the landmark by stating:

“Today’s Doodle depicts the iconic Bab-e-Khyber, the gateway to the Khyber Pass, in honor of Pakistan’s Independence Day. Built in 1964 near the Jamrud Fort, the Bab-e-Khyber has come to symbolize this historic passage between East and West, connecting Peshāwar in Pakistan and Kābul in Afghanistan. For centuries the mountainous Khyber Pass was a vital part of the Silk Road, a pathway for trade and migration that also saw Alexander the Great’s army march through”.

The 73rd Independence Day is being celebrated as a Kashmir Solidarity Day as a way to extend their full support to the people of Kashmir who are in their struggle for their right of self-determination. Google have been known to use doodles to celebrate various occasions around the world and Pakistan’s Independence Day has been an annual tradition. In the past, they have honored the personalities such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mehdi Hassan, Nazia Hassan etc.


Image Source: Google