Bramerz Brings Social Apps Insights & Bug Bash to Karachi

Bramerz Brings Social Apps Insights & Bug Bash to Karachi

Bramerz Brings Social Apps Insights & Bug Bash to Karachi

Though the idea of hackathons has gained a lot of traction in several industry verticals locally, bug bounty programs per se still remain a rarity in Pakistan. A bug bounty program is basically a company offering software engineers, developers or techies a reward or recognition for reporting bugs, mostly pertaining to exploitation and vulnerabilities. Global examples of successful bug bounty programs include those conducted by leading technology giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Samsung and Uber, helping them in their security issues, development and testing processes.

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Social Apps Insights & Bug Bash Karachi

Bramerz, one of Pakistan’s leading digital agencies hosted a Social Apps Insights and Bug Bash in Lahore in August, inviting tech enthusiasts and geeks for testing social apps. The second round of the series is all set to take place at The Nest I/O on Saturday 7th October 2017 from 10AM – 5PM. The event is brought together in collaboration with The Nest I/O – P@SHA’s Technology Incubator, IDG Pakistan and Google Developer’s Group – Karachi. After Karachi, the program is all set to take place in other cities including Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad.

Badar Khushnood, co-founder at Bramerz sets the agenda for the day, and added on to say:

Get some tech goggles on with your mobile devices connected to test some of the most common social applications we use in our day-to-day lives. Bramerz will be sharing select findings in a consolidated manner with the relevant products and brands for better localization.

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Calling out Testers & Techies!

Here’s a callout to all the testers in Karachi! The event is free of charge but only shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend. Interested? Sign up here: The finest testers will get a chance to win exciting prizes and get an opportunity to network with other testers and learn from the best of the industry. To find out more about the event you can visit the Facebook event page.


Lahore Recap 

Held at the Bramerz office in Lahore, this day long event brought together nearly 100 people from the local technology community and the end of the day brought some exciting gifts for the top scorers! Here are some photographs from the event, with the list of winners:

Stay tuned to IDG Pakistan for more details on the upcoming sessions in other cities.


P.S. For tech geeks, here’s a complete list of Bug Bounty Programs that run internationally!